Hues of green: Bolin Centric Artbook

Hues of Green is an art book centered around Bolin from The Legend of Korra. He has garnered a following more exponentially after Netflix put both series of Avatar on. This project has been a long time coming and we are happy to announce we will be working hard to make this happen.From Pinups to his lame jokes with Pabu we hope to capture his demeanor and antics from the show by showcasing a variety of styles and interpretations. We hope to bring justice to our goofy best boy bolin.

Zine Specific Info

Hues of Green is a Physical, SFW-ish, For-Profit Art Book with an NSFW Add-on.All participants MUST be 18+ in order to apply.We are hoping to bring on 25 artists (this includes 2-3 merch artists).

Watch Here

Legend of Korra on Netflix

Mod Team

Mod AntiBoo

Head | Organization | head Art Mod

"I was tired of not being accepted from zines so I said, 'why not make my own?'"Boo is an artist best known for his renditions of Kiribaku but also for his muscle pinups from other fandoms. His love for fandoms has grown exponentially over the year and that love has brought us here with Hues of Green being the FIRST Art Book he will be modding. this will not be his only one, more is to come soon.Zine Experience: Art Contributor -50 Shades of Grayson, Strawberry lemonade, Sex on Fire, Sleep-deprived Aizawa zine, Greek Mythology ZineSocial Media: NSFW Twitter | Instagram

Mod Arson

co-head | scheduler | Organization

Arson is a Mod of many talents and specializes in chaos and magic. They've modded projects like the Rhythm RoundUp benefit zine, multiple fandom events, and have a few zine projects in the works that will be announced soon!Zine Experience: Mod-Round-UpEvent Experience: Mod- ShinKami bang, IncuSho bang, bottom Baku Bang, Monster SmashSocial Media: Twitter | AO3


Artist Guidelines
Artist Applications
Merch Artist Applications

Interest Checks OpenAugust 20th
Interest Checks CloseSeptember 10th
Mod Apps OpenSeptember 20th
Contributor Apps OpenOctober 1st
Mod Apps CloseOctober 15th
Contributor Apps CloseNovember 20th
Pitches DueJanuary 1st
Contributor announcementsJanuary 21st
First check-in(25% or Sketch)February 5th
Second Check in(60% or flats/lineart)March 12th
Final Check-in(100%)May 1st
Formating startsMay 2nd
Pre-Orders openJune 5
Pre-Order endsSeptember 3
MerchandiseComplete and in hand